Leyland Trucks produces 5,000th factory bodied DAF

At Leyland Trucks in the UK, the 5,000th DAF LF distribution truck with in-house manufactured and mounted PACCAR body came off the production line.  The vehicle was handed to Royal Mail, the UK’s postal service that already has more than 700 PACCAR bodied DAF vehicles in its fleet.

Leyland Trucks is the one and only truck manufacturer that assembles and installs bodies on its truck production lines. It assures that the body meets the same high quality standards as the truck itself. It also offers significant reductions in delivery lead times, supporting maximum efficiency and vehicle availability. As an example, EU type approval for the complete vehicle guarantees the fastest possible registration process. Customers can specify and order both chassis and superstructure at the DAF dealer, which also contributes to optimal efficiency.

In the UK market, DAF supplies a full range of LF distribution trucks with a PACCAR body, including boxed and curtain sider versions. The range of body works also includes the advanced aerodynamic Aerobody which is designed to enhance fuel consumption and which now is also available on continental markets in Europe. Thanks to the aerodynamic optimizations, fuel savings of over 4% and resulting reductions in CO2 emissions are possible in distribution transport. At a cruising speed of 85 km/h, the LF Aerobody can be up to 8% more economical compared to a vehicle with a conventional body.

The 5,000th factory bodied DAF was handed to Paul Gatti (Director of Fleet and Maintenance Services at Royal Mail) by Leyland Trucks managing director Ron Augustyn (right).